Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How to Tag People, Pages and Events on Facebook Using the @ Symbol

On Facebook, you can tag people, places and events when writing status updates, posting on other pages and even when commenting on existing posts. Here's how it works:

Write your message as you usually would.. (for example:)

Come see me perform in

Here's where it gets fun - if you want to reference a specific event to which you have RSVPd on Facebook, type the @ symbol followed by the name of the event - you will see a drop down menu with choices - click the one you want and presto! a link appears! (It won't in here, but it will in your wall post, I promise.)

@The Sound of Music

(After your link appears you can keep typing and finish your message)

at Kitsap Forest Theater. The show opens Sunday - see you there!

Things to remember:
  • Facebook is not Twitter - if you want to say "at" something, remember to type the word, since the @ symbol won't show up.
  • You must be a fan of a page, have RSVPd to an event or be friends of a person for the @ process to work.
  • When you use the @ symbol, your message will show up on the wall of the person, page or event in addition to whatever wall you are writing your message on, depending on its privacy settings. Sometimes the person or page moderator might delete this reference on their page, but it will still be on your wall and in the news feed, so your friends will see it.
  • You can mention multiple people/pages/events in one wall post.

(Special P.S. for Facebook page administrators - be on the lookout for users tagging your page in their posts. If you use the Profanity Blocklist, users can get around it by tagging the page.)


    1. Update - while users can still tag their friends in posts, Facebook Pages can no longer do so, as of June 23. For more info visit

    2. I'm unable to tag my events as a page. Pages can not RSVP to events

      1. Correct - Pages are unable to RSVP to events and, since this post was published, they are no longer able to tag Events.

      2. can my friends also tag their pic in my page?

    3. can my friends also tag their pic in my page?

      1. Thanks for asking. If you have adjusted your Page settings to allow tagging in your photos, yes, your friends can tag themselves in photos on your Page. If they have friends who allow themselves to be tagged, your friends can also tag their friends in your photos.

    4. when i what to post a status containing a tagged event and a link, i get a "oops, error" message from facebook. and it's been like that for months now. is it just me?

    5. Unfortunately, this does not always work. Sometimes stupid Fb just does not find the event I want to tag, even if I enter the name exactly as the event's name (even using copy&paste), or the list of events is really long but the one I am looking for is not among them.

      Until a while ago, it was possible to create event links by using the @[eventid:] code, whereas eventid is the number from the event link. :/