Monday, March 2, 2015

Do Your Social Media Homework: 3 Ways Clients Can Get Involved

Sometimes when I manage a company's social media accounts, my client will ask for homework. "What can I do to contribute to my social media presence?" They want to get involved beyond the tasks I include in their contracts: sending me anecdotes, info, and photos related to their business. Here are three "extra credit" assignments for clients who want to supplement the work of a social media manager without getting in the way.

  1. Research: A good social media manager will of course do extensive research on your brand and industry. You can help with this by researching what your competitors and comparable businesses are doing on social media. What accounts do you admire? What accounts are getting it wrong? Who do you want to emulate? Who do you want to engage with? The more information you can give your social media manager, the better. It will help her hone her social media strategy and the look/feel/tone of the social media presence she is developing for your company.
  2. Network Engagement: As your social media manager represents your company's brand, you can support her work by developing your personal brand. LinkedIn is a perfect platform for this. Connect with people and comment on their posts. Join groups and discuss topics relevant to your industry. Ask for and give recommendations. If you need guidance on how to make the best use of LinkedIn, just ask your expert! You can also talk to your social media manager about what other networks you can use to develop your personal brand (i.e. Twitter and Instagram.) 
  3. Personal Engagement: This is an area where you can have a significant impact, because it can't be duplicated by a professional. You can make a major difference in the success of your social media campaign by personally engaging with customers and partners about your social media presence. Send personal notes via email with links to your accounts, asking people to connect. In person, mention your social accounts to customers and partners and ask them to engage with you. Train your staff, if you have them, to ask customers for social media engagement. The perfect example I always use is if you see a customer taking a photo, thank them and ask them to tag your accounts! 
These are just three of many ways you can build on your social media manager's work. By taking the initiative and doing a little more, you will increase the reach of your social media presence and ensure that it best reflects your brand.