Wednesday, May 9, 2012

An Open Letter to Facebook Fans Everywhere
Photo by Ambro
Dear Fans,

On behalf of social media managers and Page administrators everywhere, thank you for being a fan! Now that you've clicked "Like," we have one small favor to ask of you: could you please (and we mean pretty please with your preferred delicious product on top) like and comment on posts from Pages in your News Feed? The more you do, the better we can make our Pages for you.

In return we promise to:
  • Post more interesting things for you to click on, look at and read!
  • Avoid super promotional language (eg "BUY OUR STUFF! CLICK ON ME FOR DISCOUNTS" etc.)
  • Avoid spamming your news feed with posts at too-frequent intervals or, on the flipside, have long gaps of several days to several weeks between posts.
  • Use your interactions to customize our posting schedule to fit your interests.
  • Respond to your comments and wall posts, person to person (not marketer to person, robot to person or any other impersonal combination you can think of.)
You have no idea how happy it makes us to see our Admin Panels light up with notifications that YOU, our beloved fans, have liked and commented on our posts.