Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lessons to be Learned from the Ocean Marketing Fiasco

Now that the Ocean Marketing fiasco (OceanGate, Ocean Saga, whatever you'd like to call it) has died down, there area few lessons to be learned. I thought most of these could go without saying, but apparently some people still need the reminder. So here they are - the top three lessons that we all can learn from Paul Christoforo and the Ocean Marketing disaster:

  1. Civility: Don't swear. Don't demean. Common courtesy goes a long way. Even if someone is rude to you, treat them with respect.
  2. Humility: You may be the best thing since sliced bread, but when it comes to customer service, that is irrelevant. If you're so good at your job, you shouldn't have to prove it by name dropping. Know when to put your ego aside and always put your customer's needs first.
  3. Contrition: If you screw up, own up. Be genuine. Say you're sorry and mean it - not just because you got caught. 

Above all, practice what you preach. If you claim to specialize in social networking and reputation management, let alone "honesty, integrity and a straightforward expertise" make sure you're representing your clients and your own company in the most positive, professional manner possible.

P.S. Spell check your Twitter handles.